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Breakfast, objectified

Question: how many manufactured objects did you touch this morning, between waking up and leaving your house?

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Sidewalk + Snow + Stereo

One of the strange and beautiful things about living in New York is that eventually you’ll see every type of manufactured object, usually in perfect working order, lying on the sidewalk. Joe the Editor and I were getting lunch last week when we came across a lonely stereo system in the snow, and decided to immortalize it on film before its trip to the landfill. The beer bottles were also a nice touch. For all your years of rocking, Snowy Stereo, we salute you.

Question: What’s the most interesting object you’ve ever found on the sidewalk?

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Inside Apple

We did a follow-up interview with Jony Ive at Apple in California last week, and enjoyed the opportunity of filming inside Apple’s design facilities. I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, except everything was made of shiny aluminum instead of candy. And there were no oompa loompas.

I love this job sometimes.

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Andrew Blauvelt, Walker Art Center

Andrew reveals the design secrets of a Japanese toothpick:

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  • Nov 24
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Paola Antonelli, MoMA, New York

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Objets Dessins Maquettes

A new book of the work of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, entitled Objets Dessins Maquettes is available now (at least in Europe).

We happened to be in the Bouroullec’s Paris studio while the brothers were working with the book’s graphic designers, ericandmarie, and we filmed the meeting, so you might see some of it in the film. And check out ericandmarie’s site for a nice video they produced for the Bouroullecs’ 2004 show at MOCA Los Angeles.

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  • Oct 31
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Get Smart

A few stills from our filming at Smart Design, New York.

Dan Formosa and Davin Stowell with Smart Design’s Flip Mino video camera


Bicycle grip meets vegetable peeler… the inspiration for their OXO Good Grips designs


The Not-so-good Grips… dozens of trial designs

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Filming people buying “democratic design” is a tough job, especially on an indie film budget. That’s why Objectified DP Luke Geissbuhler swears by DØLLI, the ingenious DIY camera dolly that we improvised last week at Ikea and gave a suitably nonsensical faux-Swedish name. I mean, c’mon, who comes up with these product names anyway? [Try the Ikea Game and see if you can decipher them.]

Needless to say, our usual “stealth” mode of observational filming went out the window with this rig. And if you think Luke looks goofy using it, you should’ve seen when he was actually standing on it operating the camera while I was pushing the cart. But we ended up getting some surprisingly nice footage out of it. The shoot threatened to veer into Jackass territory when we got all wacky on lingonberry juice and started ramming furniture displays.

Back to the edit suite,

– Gary

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  • Aug 28
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Inside Naoto’s studio

I’m in Tokyo this week, and had the privilege of spending a day in the busy studio of Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. My taxi ride there ended prematurely when the side street we were driving on became so narrow that the driver actually got the cab wedged between the walls on each side of the street. He managed to reverse to a slightly wider area and let me out, and I continued the journey on foot.

Fukasawa is known for his work with companies like Muji, IDEO, NEC, KDDI/AU, Issey Miyake, and his in-house design brand plusminuszero. During the interview we talked about the differences between Japanese and American design, and the different ways each culture relates to objects. We discussed the pros and cons of plastic and other materials. We also talked about his creative inspirations, and the concept of designing “without thought” — how people’s unconscious (and sometimes unintended) uses of objects can inspire new design possibilities. A few examples of this are Fukasawa’s umbrella with an indentation for holding your bag, and his Light with a Dish for catching your keys and change.

I did some vérité filming of the studio at work, with Fukasawa and his staff fluidly switching back and forth between new chair designs and an exhibition design. Afterwards I visited the plusminuszero shop, and did some filming at the huge Muji store in Ginza the next day.

Doing more shooting around Tokyo this week… if it would just stop raining…



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  • Aug 22
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Get Bangle in the car and drive

Most of the interviews for the film have already been shot, but there are a few late additions we’re doing this month. One is BMW’s Chris Bangle. Bangle is based in Munich, but we missed him when we were in Germany a few months back. He was visiting the States this week to attend the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, so DP Luke Geissbuhler and I headed out to California to meet up with this controversial designer. “A wild-eyed revolutionary destroying one of Europe’s blue-chip luxury brands? The most influential automotive designer of the early 21st century?” asked an article in Motor Trend.

The Concours was a complete circus… there was no parking, it was swarming with people, and it was impossible to find a quiet place to interview Bangle anywhere near the show’s headquarters at the Lodge at Pebble Beach. So Luke and I commandeered a new BMW X6, threw Bangle in, and headed north along the Pacific coast. We found a vacant stretch of land overlooking the ocean, and actually conducted most of the interview inside the car.

Our conversation topics included the evolution of automotive design over the last 50 years, the emotional appeal of the automobile, the differences between European and American design, his work at BMW, and his thinking on user interface, materials, sustainability, and the future of car design (and even of the car itself).

At some point soon we’ll be uploading clips from a number of our interviews for your viewing pleasure.

Back to the studio,


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