• May 15
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Press roundup

Stephanie Zacharek reviews the film for Salon: “The clarity of [Hustwit's] approach, and the unabashed frankness of his curiosity, are just the qualities you want in a documentary filmmaker. Hustwit has clearly asked these designers the kind of straightforward questions that elicit thoughtful, if sometimes complicated, answers.”

Variety’s Ronnie Scheib: “Witty, engaging and exquisitely crafted”.

Entertainment Weekly gives Objectified an A! “You’ll never look at your next toothbrush (or your next any product) in quite the same way after watching this astute, elegant inquiry into the purpose and process of industrial design.”

Michael Tully reviews the film for Hammer to Nail: “While it has only been two weeks since I’ve seen Objectified, I feel strongly that Hustwit’s companion piece is also going to leave a long-lasting mark on my brain. It’s become a cliche to say it, but in this case, it’s true: Objectified has made me see the world differently, through more widely opened eyes.”

Interviews with Gary in Details, BoingBoing Gadgets, Columbus Alive, and Architects’ Journal.


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